Upper Echelon W14 “Tech Jacket”



Upper Echelon are out here, announcing themselves as a street culture brand to be reckoned with. Their first drop consisted of bucket hats and tees, which got mad traction for its simplicity and practicality. Now although its almost the end of the Cape Winter, the homies at UE have produced a “Tech Jacket” as part of their winter drop. It follows the same theme of simplicity and practicably evident in its detail. We dug deeper into the making and this is what we found:

  • ‘The U.E-Tech Jacket is constructed using a lightweight Teflon fabric. The use of this Teflon fabric means that we were able to create a completely waterproof and windproof garment.”
  • “Teflon and mesh inner-lining were used in order to maximize functionality of the U.E-Tech Jacket therefore making it breathable and conducive to commuting and everyday use.”
  • “The functional and high technical capabilities of the U.E-Tech Jacket was something which was at the forefront of our thinking during the design and manufacturing process. We have therefore included side drawstrings on the bottom of the jacket which provides the option of a more streamline fit which would facilitate higher functionality when cycling or running/walking. The theme of functionality is continued throughout the jacket with the inclusion of a hidden waterproof zip pocket on the inside of the jacket, this could be used to store valuables during use.  Adjustable wrist straps are another important feature of the jacket again highlighting high functionality. Another important feature is found on the hood of the jacket where we have used adjustable cords which tightens the hood therefore allowing for maximum movement with minimal line of sight/eye line restriction during use.”

Inspiration: “I guess creating something that could transcend the boundaries of streetwear norms, and the desire to create a hybrid piece which is highly functional and has many technical components (which is able to resonate with cyclists, runners, skaters, fashion enthusiasts)  but is still able to portray style”

IMG_2379 IMG_2394Images by Rose Roses and Kirsten Mackrill


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