They Know x THE VCG Presents: BOYZN BUCKS Live @ Zone 6 | Teaser


CAV! On the 5th of October 2014, BOYZN BUCKS got together on stage at Zone 6 Venue in Soweto to officially announce the group as the next wave in SA youth culture.

They Know in association with The Visual Content Gang are proud to unveil the lost tapes of this performance in a soon to be release raw ‘uncut’ video, coming soon to a screen near you.

Cav the teaser below:

We also caught up with BOYZN BUCKS to explain the story behind Mswenkofontein.

TK: There’s always a crazy vibe when you guys are on stage and there’s always random homies who don’t rap, so the question is: who are the official members who make up Boyzn Bucks?

BB: We are 9 members in total. They are U_sanele, Dr. Spizee, Stilo Magolide, Scoopmakhathini, Phiko, Riky Rick, Okmalumkoolkat, Bhubesii and Mkay Frash. We have loads of friends and familia too, but these are the official members.

TK: Cav. And what is Boyzn Bucks all about?

BB: Many out there are call us rappers but we wouldn’t describe ourselves that way, we’re more of a group of producers, artists and designers.

With music as the starting point, we are poised for future projects in everything from fashion to art and beyond.

Our aim is to export South African culture and ultimately influence young South Africans, letting them know that they can do the same, be proud of who they are and where they come from.

TK: Aweh. So is that what UMSWENKO is – pride?

BB: Directly translated in English, is to be dapper, spruce, smart, neat, dashing, well dressed. For us we take all the above-mentioned synonyms and add a positive frame of mind and determination to fulfill your aspirations.

TK: Salut. So then what/where is Mswenkofontein?

BB: Mswenkofontein is too much UMSWENKO, going over the top. Supreme style and confidence.
Basically, Mswenkofontein is a turn up remix of the track Umswenko. The original track featured Bhubesii and Okmalumkoolkat. It’s on the yet unreleased Boyzn Bucks mixtape.

Malumkoolkat started experimenting with the original Umswenko track, with faster more aggressive trap beats. He finally found that the most suitable beat, was one produced by Dom Solo.

We used that beat to perform what we started to call Mswenkofontein. The performances caught fire. Mswenkofontein became an urban underground street anthem.

When we were busy finalizing the mixtape, we had a dilemma. Mswenkofontein had become a beast on the street. But it actually had no beat.

TK: Word, so we’re guessing that’s where Sibot came into the picture…

BB: You cav?! We had approached Sibot to do a collaboration with us…we’ve known Sibot for many years as individuals and he’d just completed Nice Shandees with Okmalumkoolkat. He gave us a bunch of beats to work on, and luckily one of those beats he sent is the one you now know to be Mswenkofontein.

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