I’m not sure what it is about secrets, but everybody wants to feel that exclusive feeling when you know something that others don’t. Now when that secret something is a Party hosted by Red Bull MOBILE, and you’ve receive that invite with your name on it, that feeling is on another level.

You don’t even have to know the details  cause you know we talking about some exclusive location that will be done up to another level, the line will be nothing like but the best, and around every corner will be another suprise. Well we got news for you… It’s coming to Cape Town this weekend, and it’s a serious situation. But as always the family over at Red Bull MOBILE, have given us something special just for you.

We giving away 10 x Double tickets, but wait theres more BMK will be at the event hosting something special and of course our selected few will be on the know.

[gn_heading style=”1″]HOW TO WIN.[/gn_heading]

To cop these exclusive tickets, you need to go in hard and tell us your Craziest, Wildest, Dirtiest, Party Secrets…
Show us with a photo, spell it out in 140 characters, make a documentary about your skill, just do what ever you have to do to let it be known.

Here’s how to make your secret known and get those tickets with your name on them.
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and don’t forget to head over to to get your hands on more of that exclusive goodness.

We want separate the amateurs from the professionals here…
You have to Friday morning to let your secret be know,and BMK the more creative/craziest the better.


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