We wanna introduce you to an avant-garde streetwear label focussing on pieces of highest rarerity… If that even makes sense. You’ve probably noticed the slogans and tags the label embodies. It’s all over your social media and you’ve probably found yourself repeating them because it’s so infectious. This is part 2 of a 5 part series. It’s already being repped by some of the bosses in the game. This is what the creator had to say,

It’s just Art and it is how I express myself and what I like and and if you don’t see the art you are not opening your mind up enough and probably not drinking enough water

Caps, long sleeve tees, camo, pink is the flavour… We not sure on the quantity of the drop, but be sure its gonna be very rare if you sleep on it. Available from Saturday 26 March at Lost Property.

Images by Paul Ward and Cheslyn Meyer

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