Over the last decade, we’ve witnessed the rise of skateboarding as more than just another version of anarchy and disobedience.

We as a skate brand think we represent a value of skateboarding that is not perpetuated by the media in general. This is emphasised by the words of the founder, “Stock Skate Co. was created for anyone that can not relate to what mainstream skateboarding companies portray skateboarding to be.”

The brand was established as a creative outlet for Rousseau Loubser, engineer and avid skate boarder. One day he decided to come up with a brand to represent skateboarding and the environment where he skates. Woodstock is deeply intrenched within the brand. It’s not the easiest location to skate but has a certain character about it, that you wouldn’t experience anywhere else. Rousseau started out by making T-shirts and killer 5 panel caps. This spurred Rousseau and his skate crew to really make something of it, since then numerous skate videos and edits have been created too.

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