So you know by now that RTD is sold out, and because you were sleeping you gonna miss out on one of the best Weekends of the Year. But just when you thought your whole world was gonna come crumbling down, we teamed up with the good folks over at Red Bull MOBILE to give you what you can’t get, oh yes DAISIES tickets… Because RBM and BMK got you.

You see it pays to be in on the inside.

All you got to do is tweet @bitchesmustknow as well as @redbullmobileZA telling us which artists you would love to see at this year’s event and include the hashtag


Eg: @bitchesmustknow I can’t wait to see Alt-J at RTD, compliments of @redbullmobileZA.

But that’s boring; the most creative, passionate tweets get the tickets… We need to know you need these tickets. If you are a Red Bull MOBILE subscriber already and want to increase your chances of winning, don’t forget to register at

And if you data game is week, and you ain’t got any funds to tweet, maybe you should consider getting on the best prepaid data deal out, we talking 200MB of data every month for 12 months and pay only R99 once off.




  • Reply September 30, 2013


    140 characters isn’t enough to tell you why I want to go to RTD2013!!! :D:D:D:D

  • Reply October 1, 2013

    JJ Rattey

    There aren’t enough characters on twitter to explain how amped I am to be in the Redbull tent this weekend :( Every year for the past 3 years I’ve been there and its just been getting better. I’m so bummed I missed the ticket deadline! Please help a brother out. I’ll be that dude smashing his forehead against the stage railing out of amp! The line up is balls deep this year!! I need this!!! PLEASE!! @JJ_Guttakings

  • Reply October 1, 2013

    i neeeeeed tickets

    you have no idea how much i need those tickets!! i had something horrible happen to me, i was bitten by a monkey and going to daisies will make it all better !
    I was walking through a beautiful Bali temple
    Who knew this day would be so detrimental

    A monkey clung to me, he meant no harm
    But then all of a sudden he bit my arm

    An emergency flight home, and a lot a medication
    I’m so sad that monkey cut short my vacation

    Please SEEWHY, I deserve to win these
    I will feel so much better if I get to go to daisies.

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