Our Homies at Red Bull have been hard at work locating Cape Towns top designers to be part of their latest project. They are curating a project in which creatives are given blank unbranded Red Bull Cooler along with a venue ie one of the mother city’s dopest hangout spots, to draw inspiration from. The creatives are to design and pimp out the canvas cooler according the to the venue it will be created. This project is not the first of its kind, it has been done in America Asia and Europe. and will be the first for Africa. The creatives which have been selected are,



They are some of Mzansis most on point creatives, experts in their respective fields but do not limit themselves to a particular medium. Red Bull Canvas cooler allows these creatives to gather and exhibit under the same roof  showcasing and sharing their talent with the public. Learn more about what can be expected from each by following this link:

The exhibition will be held between 18:00 -21:00 at Assembly tomorrow, 13 September. Be sure to come check it out 


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