all So it’s Friday and the party is about to begin. Well the good people over at Olmeca tequila have sorted out all your drinking dilemmas with there new BEATBOX party pack. The pack includes two bottles of Olmeca one original one fusion, and then it’s up to you to mix it your way. But the best part about the pack is that Olmeca have teamed up with South Africa’s dopest producers and with a quick scan of the Querty code you have access to exclusive downloadable  conetnt; likes of  Haezer, Sibot, Niskerone & SFR, Das Kapital, The Ruffest, Crazy White Boy, Kid Fonque & Thibo Tazz. And to top it all off Olmeca Tequila will be giving away one of a kind Olmeca BeatBox speaker docking stations to 15 lucky winners who enter their details via mobile device or

A party aint a party without Olmeca Tequila’s BeatBox – Switch on the Night


Find Olmeca for more details:
• Facebook: Olmeca Tequila SA
• Twitter: @OlmecaTequilaSA
• Instagram: @OlmecaTequilaSA
• Mxit: Olmeca Tequila SA
• Soundcloud: Olmeca Tequila SA


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