The Cape town based band the Dolphins have been around for awhile now doing what they do best, but they really seem to be starting the year off with some good momentum. I caught them live at Synergy at the end of last year and was really impressed. And this new video, although super rough in many parts, showcases their rawness brilliantly, it might not be the best mastered sound but it’s still dope to watch.Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 2.19.04 PM

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  • […] Music has given me so many beautiful experiences. I remember quaintly watching Urban Creep in the park outside The Workshop in Durban until a long haired rocker runs to the front and starts head banging. I remember falling in love to the music at the Coldplay concert while I had a plastic packet stuffed in the back of my pants. I remember being hit by the ice cannon at the climax of “For an Angel” being played live by Paul Van Dyk at Amnesia. I remember her playing the guitar. I remember my uncles and cousins singing “The Boxer” around the fire all those years ago. I remember the City Bowl Mizers gig at Jubs where I learnt about a blossoming love. I remember understanding my place within the music as I watched 340ml at Skido’s. I remember her voice. I remember standing in awe as Oasis sang “I am the Walrus.” I remember so much more. So much. And it’s all because of the music – the fantastic live music that provides you with all these dreams. […]

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