apc-kanye-collection-02-630x420Say what you want about the mans music and ego, but when it comes to style you can’t really fault the man even when he wears a leather skirt. But this latest Kanye colab with A.P.C is just classic, maybe unexpectedly so, I was expecting something abit more crazy, but when I was lucky enough to see these garments in flesh I got, they fit just right which clever simple details which make you know you wearing quality. The whole collection is made to wear together, with the extra long tee that hangs just right with the hoody over to the simple jeans, everything just works.
apc-kanye-collection-04-630x420 apc-kanye-collection-05-630x420 apc-kanye-collection-06-630x420 apc-kanye-collection-07-630x420 apc-kanye-collection-08-630x420 apc-kanye-collection-09-630x420 apc-kanye-collection-011-630x420

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