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Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 8.40.15 PM

Cape Town based hip-hop duo Ill skillz and 5th Floor co-founder Camo announce the launch of their highly anticipated new video ‘Hip Hop Jones’. The song is extracted respectively from Ill Skillz latest album Notes from the Native yards and Camo’s forthcoming E.P. titled ‘Shaolin Jazz’.

‘Hip Hop Jones’ is a street anthem that illustrates the trio’s love for Hip Hop culture. “It captures the zeitgeist, the voice of the new Mzabalazo, highlighting the angst many economically marginalized people experience daily. It’s about the peace music can give you and finding expression through Hip Hop.” adds Jimmy Flexx, co founder of Ill Skillz.

The video, directed by the trio itself, aims to entertain and educate the underprivileged through positive and creative energy. Entirely shot in the Mother City, it gives an authentic yet aesthetic depiction of the Native Yards’ youth.

In a day and age where hip-hop culture has fallen by the wayside, the three Cape Town emcees demonstrate their undying love for the art-form, while highlighting real life issues.

Hip Hop Jones, not only preserves the legacy of hip hop culture, it is also a major statement to the rest of the world, that Cape Town is still the place which holds some of the greatest MCs to ever emerge from South Africa.

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    Dope video for a dope song S/O Camo x Ill Skillz

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