Now you know you much Capetonians like to eat, “vriet”… DITE, but everyone has their favourite joint to dite their meal of choice. But now we not talking fine dining here, we talking bout VUIL DITE, ¬†gatsbys, masala steak sandwiches, chip parcels, snoek and chips, samoosas, salomies, bunny chows, aint nobody got time for salads and finger foods. Join these three homies, with basie music and a love for vuil dite in common, as they start their new series, embarking on a journey to find the most vuil dite, Cape Town has to offer. First stop is the infamous Golden Dish…vd1

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  • Reply January 25, 2014

    kayla clouts

    Hey there’s guys,kayla here. Adriaan everyone here in kimberley absolutley loves what yoo guys are doing. Thaz what life is all about!!! Exploring yer taste buds:) you fam loves yuuh adz mmwwaaa!!! Keep on dite-iing!!!

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