Tomorrow is the next edition of the all new Cold Turkey. Two week s ago we got turnt at the Train Lodge, the new venue,  which included a pool and market place apart from the dancefloor and bar. The new venue has a completely different vibe from the previous venue, every thing happens between train carriages…  We were out there doing business at the market place. On the music front, everyone brought it,  it was popping off from start to finish. If you werent there you definitely missed out, but you have an opportunity tomorrow and even more so, its a public holiday the next day, so no excuse to get turnt up. Some images of the last event below:1779809_650994898303344_4897336499987775073_n

970498_650993661636801_8616501003454780786_n10250118_650996964969804_1962631240098078672_n10269487_651002874969213_3196738174870091063_nPhotos by Mads Norgaard

Event: Cold Turkey – 27 April



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