Yooooo we back in this ho!

In this installment of Who Got Sole we link up with our guy Street Couture 82 and talk kicks and naked chicks. As you know by now we only talk to the coolest cats and this man definitely fits the bill. He is the man responsible for the dopest events that the average garden variety muh’fukkah will never get invited to. Lets go…

1. Awe awe, introduce yo’self…

The names Phiko -@streetcouture82

2. How did you get in the game?

Cut a long story short, I just always liked kicks, the first time I really harassed my folks for a pair of kicks was in ’91, (a pair of black , suede -Power high tops) I’d say my affinity started then. But playing the game was probably from around ’96 when I copped the Allen Iverson “question” and LA Gear Lights.


3. Favourite sneaker in the world?

I don’t have a pair of favourite sneakers. But if could have one pair of sneakers in multiple quantities to rock brand new everyday for the rest of my life? Air Jordan 3 white cements.

4. Whats the one joint you can’t seem to acquire?

Space Jam 11’s


5.If you could have one girl naked in your bed with only a pair of kicks on, who would it be and what kicks?

Adrianna Ho. Air Jordan 1 “Black toe”


6.What you rocking while completing these questions?

Black cement 4’s


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