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Welcome to our second edition of Who Got Sole? This week we feature the original Pretty Muthafucka aka Makhado aka Riky Rick aka one of dopest cats in the SA music game. I know Riky personally and I can testify that he is a legit ‘head. We sat down with the homie and talked kicks n shit…

1. Awe awe, introduce yo’self…

Pretty much it’s ur boi Riky Rick at this stage! BoyzinBucks at the end of it.

2.How did you get in the game?

Ighhmmm, I dunno bruv, I was a very neat and tidy kid growing up so I had a habit of never fucking up my shoes. Couple that with an older brother who always had gears, I guess I was raised in the game pretty much.


3.Favourite sneaker in the world?

AJ1 Retros. Them joints are like a glove for me and I can hit em with any pants or shorts. AJ1 Hands down.

4.Whats the one joint you can’t seem to acquire?

Ah man, I’m more of a grab it as it comes kinda dude, I’ve got my favorite colorways in Js so anything now is blessings from the gods.


5.If you could have one girl naked in your bed with only a pair of kicks on, who would it be and what kicks would she rock?

I knew you would ask this,. last hunny I had in my bed was rockin a pair of 3s, can’t tell u who it was but believe bruv.

6.What you rocking while completing these questions?

Right now I’m rocking safari Air Max 1s, one of my fav shoes

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    Hahahahahaha…The 5th question..

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