Soooooooo you know by now that BMK is the premier sneaker and street wear blog on the continent and if you do not agree with this is then chances are you’re a shitty dresser with lame friends. So as the premier street culture blog we’ve decided to showcase some of the people that make SA’s street scene so dope….

Welcome to Who Got Sole? the new feature that showcases Mzansi’s biggest sneakerheads in the hopes of unifying the culture and building the networks. First up we got Black Faff…

1. Awe awe, introduce yo’self…

Gov name Bradley Jackson, 1/4 of Black Faff brand dealing with custom gear and online mag. Music and sneaker fiend till I hug myself in a box.

2.How did you get in the game?

Kick game ah shit, I always admired kicks from when I was still in High School. I think my interest jump started when I was like 14/15 when my dude showed me a pair of Jordan’s he owned and I ain’t never seen such before in my life. Years past, interest still growing, folks buying me what they can and I ended up linking with Thabiso Hadebe who I work with now and he schooled me proper on the kicks and being a music fiend and hip-hop was my choice of fix I got to see them more in videos and mag’s. Years still passing and a niglet still broke as a joke but kicks interest be higher than a giraffes ass I landed my first job I bought my own pair AF1 LeBron lows, after that, well, we here now lol

3.Favourite sneaker in the world?

Hands down Air Jordan 3, preferably the True Blues. I think I’ve only worn mine like 4-5times

4.Whats the one joint you can’t seem to acquire?

Just thinking about it makes my sole sore lol Air Jordan 6 ‘Infared’ if I gotta pick a second choice then def the Nike Air Yeezy 2

5.Black Faff is known for their vixens, so if you could have one girl naked in your studio with only a pair of kicks on, who would it be and what kicks would she rock?

Tough one with alotta dimes roaming around but off the top I’d wanna see Boity BUCKET NAKED in MY Air Jordan 3’s haha


6.What you rocking while completing these questions?

Man, you caught me while I’m breaking bread at the office for this addiction we talking about lol I’m rocking my formal work Air Malinga’s OG’s.

Repping Black Faff all day, keep a look out on more custom kicks we gonna be doing with certain Brands in the next couple months and the Mag will stay dropping showcasing S.A’s fly beautiful women.



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