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As a platform for discovering the “undiscovered” local talent, its always refreshing when it comes in the form of a female. With the massive over load of selfies infecting instagram its mind blowing to see that some individuals have turned “iphonography”into more than a selfie competition but have instead developed an art form that can make you look twice at the surroundings you pass every day.

Let us introduce you into one such lady and also let us suggest that you keep your eyes wide open as to what shes doing. Maurisha Buys captures everyday life with nothing more than her iPhone, yes her iPhone, she’s taken a simple hobby and turned it into capturing sceneries that make your heart bleed.

We think its time you knew someone who does more than just take pictures of their food

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“I love how Instagram is a creative challenge. If I’m in an interesting place, I start to look for interesting angles and compositions for my own contribution to Instagram. I only post 1-2 photos a day and I try to make them great.
For example I captured a guy walking with a decoder and red umbrella in the rain. Instagram moment for me! Oh I love ‘shooting’ when it’s storming or cloudy outside! It has really invigorated my love of photography and the creative process. I get to see pictures of people living their lives all over the world in NYC, Toledo, Amsterdam, Brooklyn, even Perù! It’s like a little National Geographic every day. Even better is the relationships I build with the IG’s around the world!” – Maurisha

To view more of her work find her on Instagram : @risshy_
Twitter : @Riisha

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