The phenomena of instagram is growing by the day and has become one of our daily rituals. Documenting food to ootd’s to landscapes to selfies to cityscapes. It has provided a platform for self-expression but also a realm to share ones interests with the world. And then there are some who over time have developed a follower base of double tappers who are as loyal as they come. Meet Wayne Robertson aka Hipebeast… A producer and record label owner turned IG sensation, Hipebeast has used his early passion for music and hip hop culture as a stepping stone into unlocking the life of the city through photography. The transition was natural, the boundaries between music and photography quickly blurred and Hipebeast’s city life archive grew rich with culture and history. With a following of over 19k, Hipebeast has truly become a heavyweight in the local IG scene and has since hit up a website on which you can view and even purchase some of his shots.


It started about 2 years ago, joining instagram and starting to take pics with my phone, from there it was all downhill, then I bought a camera, and now I can’t live without it, it’s like an addiction” said Wayne, when asked about how he got into photography. After being published in Street Dreams 2014, featured on Cape Etc and working with brands & campaigns such as New Balance and #MrPDenim, this is just the beginning for Hipebeast.


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Instagram: @hipebeast

Twitter: @hiperdelic

Facebook: Hipebeast Photography

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