What started out being primarily that store down Long Street, has now firmly entrenched itself in Cape Town’s street culture. Boaston Society opened their doors to local and international brands as a retail space, to the public as a gathering space, to the creatives as a workspace and to the mother city as a space for ‘self-expression’ and multi faceted collaboration. Boaston Society promotes a lifestyle driven by media and retail. The space offers a wide range of urban lifestyle and creative opportunities for commuters to connect,  produce, share, and showcase. Their success to date is evident in the brands and creative individuals they have housed under their roof,  spanning across the country and even abroad.  The presence of the space has injected new life to Cape Town’s street culture, Boaston Society stating  their intent to “bring the urban creative back to Long Street”. We connected with the collective and they had a few things to share.


1. The name was inspired by Greg Selkoe’s Boston based Karmaloop, twisted around to suit our feeling about youth empowerment to become Boast On, leaving us with Boaston Society- coming together as a unit to show off our creative abilities as a society.

2. Featured in the Boaston Society Lifestyle Space is a Boaston Society Store featuring some of the best local and international brands, a commuter work + social space for urban cycling enthusiasts, an art gallery, a music lounge and a photographic studio.

3.  We are an outlet for young designers who have the ambitions of building global brands. And we encourage collaborations within brands. We are currently stocking over 15 local brands including 2Bop, Galxboy, Butan, Young and Lazy, Sol-Sol, Connate Wear, Issa Leo etc.

4. We hosted a Mos Def Meet and Greet Session which was attended by well over 150 people.

5. We have collaborated with over 10 artists including Rayaan Cassiem, Anwar David, Hermz, Byron Graper on a Tee exhibition called Society, to promote the use of t-shirts as canvas for artists.

6.  In 2013, we hosted monthly streetwear marketplace, LEVELS Brand Weekend to promote local streetwear designers and brands with an open market to sell directly to the public in our store.

7.  We recently launched an exhibition space, maintaining our commitment to exhibiting innovative work by emerging creatives in our store.

8. Our mission to create 150 jobs associated with streetwear by this time in 2015. We are still learning and always on the lookout for great advice.

9. The company has actually been existence since 2009 but started doing business in 2013- procrastination nearly killed the dream.

10. We love Jeff Staple and all his pigeons.

Boaston Society went into a brief hibernation stint for a few weeks and now are relaunching and Opening their new spot to the public. If you want to put what youve just read into perspective, you dont want to miss this. Event details below:



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