Now if you wanna be respected on the streets you gotta come up against the best. Not only do you have to battle the best but you gotta beat the best, so you gots to bring some freshness and some mad skillz to the floor. Battle after battle destroying opponents like a plague, this guy has become somewhat of a don in bboy circles. He goes by the name of The Curse and if you don’t know, now you know… 

1. I’ve been breaking for 12 years and counting
2. Crews: Hand Break Turn / Concrete Apostles / Brasse Vannie Kaap
3.  2 times Solo Bboy SA Champ: Solo Pro Battle 2010 and Red Bull BC One South African Cypher 2012
4. + 30 competition titles (Crew and Solo)
5. Been to over 10 different countries with my breaking

6. Owner of an up and coming Bboy Clothing brand called 6STEP, this was all made possible by the help of Flexfit Head Wear SA
7. Flexfit Head Wear and Butan Wear brand ambassador
8. I love cooking in my own space (favorite dish is green thai curry)
9. Currently on tour in Europe (Austria / Germany / Switzerland) with a circus called Afrika! Afrika!
10. Jessica Alba and I are about to have a baby.

the curse - bc one381890_332129146886498_966989220_nRBBCO cypher-1-168_1

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